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Round Up Old Projects

September 12, 2016  |   Posted In Project Round Up


I have the knitting bug this week! I’m so antsy, I need to knit something!

I knitted as far as I dared on my own on the Byway Scarf. I reached the first cable section and decided to wait until this week’s meeting at A Verb for Keeping Warm. I’ve never successfully cabled and I would love some hand holding.

This leaves me needing a project. I decided to take this momentum and work on one of the many projects I have set down and never finished.

Enter Purl Soho’s lovely Herringbone Cowl. I started this back in March but I messed up, got completely discouraged and coming back to it so late, and I couldn’t figure out the mistake. I’m not even sure there was one if I’m honest, but starting over felt like the right move for me.

So I scrapped it completely yesterday, rewound my yarn and decided to try it again. Casting on today I almost got discouraged all over again! Two hundred and twenty stitches is a lot to plan for. I guess I’m still new, just wait till I get to a sweater right?

Once I got past casting on I was cooking! However, now I’ve committed myself to two very large scarf projects. Why did I do that?

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