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I started this blog with two purposes in mind. First and foremost, I could see how tired everyone in my life was that I needed to show them my knitting ever time I finished a row. No one seems to find this amazing after you finish your first project. Unfortunately that was the moment I knew I loved knitting and needed to keep going. So I created this blog, where I can share all of my triumphs and failures with like minded people who love knitting.

The second purpose for creating is blog is to feed my other passion, web coding. I needed to build a site that was my own creation from start to finish. This means that it is still a little rough around the edges, sorry everyone! But each week it gets a little more polished. For me it is all about the process, I should be working about the finished product, but honestly I’m just enjoying the ride; be it knitting, creating, coding, or life.